Are all Tuning Files Created Equal?

Are all Tuning Files Created Equal?

Are all tuning files created equal?

When I first started to tell friends and family about our tuning business, the immediate question was, “Well how can you be a mobile service without a Dyno?” 

My wife tried to explain to one friend who clearly felt that without a rolling road, the opportunity of a quality performance tune was not going to be an option.  This is a fair enough assumption given that there are people selling tuning files on Facebook Market Place and classified ads in a do-it-yourself scenario.

What I would say to anyone looking to enhance their vehicle with a tune is to make sure you do your homework.

A couple of easy questions to ask are;

- is the person qualified

-is there a full diagnostic check and data log carried out prior to any tuning and,

-what sort of guarantee, if any, is there on the files? 

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